• Where is Picta for Dropbox?

    Picta for Dropbox has reached end-of-life as of March 13, 2017. Dropbox is discontinuing the API which Picta for Dropbox connects to on June 28, 2017. The app will continue to function until Dropbox turns off the API. Since Picta for Dropbox was introduced in 2014, a number of alternative solutions have come along, many of which are free. For viewing photos and videos on your Roku device, please try these solutions:

  • I'm having problems registering my channel

    If you are unable to register your channel, restart the registration process by removing the channel from your Roku device and installing it again. If you are still having trouble registering after doing this, please send an email to support@veeta.tv.

  • My channel was registered and working but no longer does

    If you are unable to see photos, where previously you were able to, try signing out and re-registering your channel. You can sign out from the options menu by pressing the (*) button on the Roku remote. This will reset all the stored channel settings and begin a new registration. If this does not fix the problem, try removing the channel from your Roku device and installing it again. If you continue to have problems, please send an email to support@veeta.tv.

  • How do I unregister my channel?

    To unregister your channel, choose 'Sign Out' from the options menu by pressing the (*) button on the Roku remote.

    You can also unregister your channel from your Dropbox account by visiting your Dropbox account settings and removing Picta from the list of approved applications.

    For OneDrive, you can visit Apps and services you've given access in order to remove Picta.

    For Amazon Cloud Drive, you can visit Manage Login with Amazon and remove Picta for Amazon Cloud Drive.

  • How do I add another account to my channel?

    The channel only supports one account. If you would like to see photos from other accounts as well, you can create a shared folder between the two accounts.

  • I see an error when I try to view Camera Uploads or another specific folder

    If you are seeing an (-1) error message, first check your network connection and try again.

    Error (502) or (-1): If there are a large number of files in the folder you are seeing errors with (> 1000 or so), you can divide those files into a number of subfolders.

    Error (404): there may have been a recent change in your files or folders by another client. Try again or relaunch the channel to get an updated list of files.

  • Will Picta for OneDrive work with my OneDrive for Business account?

    Unfortunately, no. OneDrive for Business is a completely separate service from the consumer product with no interoperability between the two.

  • I'm having trouble streaming feature-length movies from OneDrive or Amazon Cloud Drive

    If you are seeing playback stop and possibly Error (401) while string to stream movies directly from OneDrive, this is a known limitation of Picta.

    Picta is primarily for viewing photos and short videos taken by cell phone. Feature-length streaming is limited by Microsoft by not providing some necessary functionality to 3rd party developers, such as adaptive bitrates. Local streaming servers, such as Plex Media Server will provide a much better experience for viewing feature-length movies.

  • Where are my albums on Picta for Amazon Cloud Drive?

    Amazon has not made the albums feature accessible to 3rd party developers. You can still access all your photos in their original folder location, or you can use folders to organize your photos how you would like them.


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